Tank Trucks

Rival trucking has a fleet of stainless steel sour sealed trucks which consists of Super B’s, Body Job Quad Wagons, Tractor Tridem Trailers, Body Job Tridem Pups and Body Jobs.

5k Pressure Trucks

Our 1 Ton 5k Pressure Trucks are perfect for road ban season and hard to access remote locations.  They are great for all of your Chemical/Methanol deliveries as well as hydro testing and batching needs.

Combo/Straight Vac

Our Tri-drive Combo/hydro units are ideal for spill clean ups, tank and vessel cleaning, plant turnarounds, equipment cleaning, steamer work, and all service and drilling rig service work.

Steamer Combo Unit

Our one ton steamer is ideal for getting into tough to reach locations. It produces high temperature steam to thaw out frozen equipment and break hydrates. The high pressure system is great for clearing culverts and power washing equipment.

Body Job Floater Tank Truck

For those hard to access remote locations that a tank truck is needed.  These specialized tires can get your fluid moved in very poor conditions.

Brine, Kill Fluid, Water and Methanol Sales

Call our dispatch for any pricing inquiries.